A Christmas Tree from Santa’s Sleigh Makes a Great Gift

Do you want to give the ultimate Christmas Gift this year? One your loved ones will cherish and remember you for every time they look at it. A gift that captures what Christmas is all about. May we suggest a fresh cut real Christmas tree or a live Christmas tree or one of our elegant Christmas Wreaths?

That’s right, you can order a Christmas Tree online or Christmas Wreath online and have it drop shipped to a friend, business associate or family member by Santa’s Sleigh.

Do you have a parent or grandparent that no longer buys a Real Christmas Tree because they have a hard time handling a tree or because they are living in a Senior Care facility? Because it is so easy to order our live Christmas tree online, this year you can send them an easy to handle table top live Christmas tree that comes in a beautiful ornamental pot that they can plant in their garden or use on their deck or porch after the Holiday season is over. These trees come with LED lights and a fire resistant decoration package. 

Our live Christmas tree is fire resistant and easy to fit in a hospital room or senior citizen care room. Let them know that you have not forgotten them and they are part of the family Christmas celebration. It is a fantastic gift that let’s them know you remember them and have them in your thoughts every day of the year. They simply open the box place the live Christmas  tree on a table, desk or floor and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Every time they see their live Christmas tree they will remember that they are in your thoughts.